Hi there - I'm Nicole

Since you are considering me to document your most cherished moments, it's best to know a little bit about me. We will be working together and its important that you get to know some part of what makes me the best option for YOU. I want to make sure we are the best fit; so giving you a bit of who I am will hopefully make you feel at ease in making a decision.

My grandfather was an amateur photographer - my grandmother likes to say, he would always take pictures of people from the waist down, but now I think it was on purpose; his little quirk. As a child, I was always surrounded by cameras and photographs and whether there was film in the camera or not, I was always clicking away. As a teen and into my twenties, I was always the one with a camera. It wasn't until recently that I realize, this is my calling.

Do I love coffee and true crime? Of course, it's an addiction. Mouth-watering, delicious food and champagne *chef's kiss*. But I'm also a little neurotic, an antique lover, serial hobbyist, and big on documentaries. If a movie moves me, I'll dwell on it for a period of time. And if a song evokes any type of emotion, it's on repeat. I'm highly emphatic - inspired by love, film photography, blurry images, vintage vibes, and genuine human connections. I treasure the small moments and things in life. But enough about me

Let's make magic!