photographer holding camera in front of her face

an intuitive observer.

a photographer who documents the details + captures the raw emotions

My grandfather was a photographer of some sort. My grandmother says he was terrible at it, always taking pictures of people from the waist down - but now I wonder if it was on purpose; an artistic perspective. As a child, I was surrounded by cameras and photographs. In my teens and well into my twenties, I was always the one with a camera. It wasn't until I reached my thirties that I realized photography wasn't a hobby, but a creative outlet - one that would lead me to creating this intense yearning for documenting life.

Do I love coffee and true crime? Of course, it's an addiction. Mouth-watering, delicious food and champagne *chef's kiss*. But I'm also a little neurotic, an antique lover, serial hobbyist, dad joke enthusiast and big on documentaries. If a movie moves me, I'll dwell on it for a period of time. And if a song evokes any type of emotion, it's on repeat. I'm highly emphatic - inspired by love, film photography, indie films, vintage vibes and most importantly, genuine human connections. I hold dear to my soul the small moments and things in life. But enough about me